AZ Vegetarian Dining Club

Group Description

Are you vegan? Are you a vegetarian or perhaps thinking about changing your diet? Are you slowly making the shift to a more healthy lifestyle and diet? Do you love supporting local restaurants that offer vegetarian/vegan options? Do you wish to dine with others that have the same enthusiasm for tasty healthy cuisine that you do? 

YES? Well, so do we! This is a group for people who love all type of cuisine and enjoy dining out. 

At least a few times a month we'll get together at one of Phoenix's wonderful assortments of vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants, pot lucks, wine tastings, or perhaps a veggie picnic before the heat turns up. We invite you to join us as we head out to explore it all and have a relaxed feel - good time together.

 All Are Welcome! You do not have to be vegetarian or vegan to join us or to come to our events however that is the focus of our group. Just have a passion for healthy cuisine and the desire to meet outstanding, like-minded people. We are Not here to convert you, we Promise! 

If you are:

~ A foodie

~ Want to socialize and network

~ Have an open mind

~ Excited about trying new restaurants in the Valley

Come out, mingle and nosh on great food, connect with fun people & have a relaxed good time!

We are just starting this out so we hope it grows into something Amazing! Join us no matter what your food preference is. Health conscience, open minded people, we are looking forward to Dining with you!

“Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.” –Hippocrates