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Now Canada's largest tech meetups, and growing internationally, eh.

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HackerNest is an international nonprofit community movement focused on building supportive Silicon Valley like tech communities in every city - strengthening local tech ecosystems globally through unpretentious social events and hackathons. We’re nurturing cohesive communities today to empower them with more relevant and accessible peer-based tech education tomorrow.

Connecting people is awesome. And community good breeds fab karma.

We cram smart, accomplished people into a room with free beer. Our relaxed, down-to-earth Tech Socials are now Canada’s largest tech meetups.

Our membership - diverse and highly technical. Developers, designers, engineers, social media/business folk, entrepreneurs, investors, etc. regularly gather to socialize, talk tech, maybe hear speakers or watch demos, and meet future co-founders, employees, funders, and friends. Strict no-douchebag policy.

Global. We want an international network of HackerNest “splinter cells” to pop up everywhere – from underserved cities to high-growth innovation centers – to rescue nerds from isolated basements, offices, and code tunnel vision.

We love hardcore nerdcore. Tech folks, tech events, tech love. Our formula: laid back atmosphere + free drinks + brilliant people = fireworks

We're not scienticians, but the formula seems to work: we became Canada's largest tech meetups in a year, before even leaving Toronto. Today we have "splinter cells" in multiple cities internationally.

Our goal is to complement and strengthen existing nerd ecosystems – we come in peace. This isn't a business; nobody owns HackerNest. Conceptually, it is the ideal of a strong and supportive tech community - pretty much anyone that isn't a jerk can be a part of it.

Interested in running HackerNest in your city? Take a look at the FAQ.


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Here's more pictures of our Tech Socials and hackathons:


When: Pretty darned regularly. Check back!

Format: Relaxed. Hang, talk tech, occasionally a speaker, plot to take over the world, etc.

Where: Usually in the large private office of a tech company (have a venue?)


At any given HackerNest meetup, you may find people who are:

developing incredibly snazzy Ruby (most likely on Rails) applications - heady hardcore designer typesPHP/Perl/.NET/Python/django addicts - ...Fortran devs?! - looking for a tech/entrepreneur/new business story to cover - Objective-C experts and iPhone/iPad/Apple product pundits - engineers and managers and CTOs looking for co-founders to join their angel/VC-backed tech startup - looking to write articles/stories about the obscure/interesting/hilarious hacks you've pulled off - totally oblivious and just wandered in because they heard there was booze (!?) - building a top-secret app out of their basement that's going to change the way the world does X; like "Facebook for Squirrels" - scrambling to find a partner to work with on a well-paying contract that's just a wee bit too much workload for the anticipated deadline - heroes, because they're part of the burgeoning community that will reverse all this insane brain-drain - incredibly talented, smart, entrepreneurial go-getters who are absolutely dangerous to the status quo - pretty bloody interesting, because seriously, if they're coming out for drinks ON A MONDAY (or Tuesday, or Wednesday) NIGHT... they've gotta be


Chances are, you'll fit right in if you're a(n):

software or hardware hacker/h4ck3r (or maybe just a hack)

coder/developer/programmer/brogrammerdesigner, UX-oriented, or just like making things pretty

biotech/electrical/computer or basically any kind of engineer

network/network/system/IT administrator

front/back-end specialist

angel investor

demon investor

venture capitalist

venture communist

tech enthusiast

tech/entrepreneur-oriented media/journalist

OCD blogger/Tweeter

bloodthirsty recruiter looking to poach developers

internet mogul




writer/project manager/business analyst

1337 individual

etc., etc.

...and aren't a douchebag. <3