Crescent Ballroom

Address: 308 N 2nd Ave
Phone: (602) 716-2222
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Category: Rock Club
Check Ins: 14250


  • Courtney Nush

    If you order a drink at the front bar & plan to go in the main room to watch a show, let them know so they put it in a plastic cup instead of a glass--saves you from getting stopped at the door.
  • Phoenix New Times

    Go for lunch on Tuesdays & Thursdays for a mindblowing bean and cheese burrito and a beverage for only $5!
  • Andrew Knochel

    Arrive early and order a cocktail from the lounge bar - the I-10 smash and the Honey Badger are delicious. Don't order a fru-fru drink during the show - the bartenders will rightfully scowl at you.
  • Crystal Behmetuik

    This a place I could call home. Everyone looks after each other. Crescent is a community which fully describes the future movement of downtown Phoenix.
  • Jordan W

    This place has an excellent sound system
  • Phoenix New Times

    2012 Best of Phoenix Winner: Best New Music Venue! Expect a "who's who" of indie tastemakers, folk troubadours and art rock icons live over a crystal-clear sound system.
  • Emily Robertson

    Make sure you check out both bars before ordering to see what beers are on tap. Each bar often has some different drafts on tap.
  • Erich

    They have PBR now and they also have less gross tasting beers too.
  • Sunny Lee

    Don't eat before getting to the venue. Cocina 10 is located at the venue and the burritos and salsa are yum!
  • Emily Robertson

    Someone wrote a tip that there are only two unisex bathrooms. This is actually false. In the back of the venue, there are two separate men's and women's bathrooms with numerous stalls in each.
  • Ryan Compton

    I love that you can chill in the Lounge and still hear the tunes from the Ballroom pretty pretty well.
  • Erick Biez

    Tip your bartenders heavy because they are the jam!
  • Star Padilla

    If you like it hoppy get the O'Dell's IPA
  • Frank G

    The only venue to have M83 now that's the shit!
  • Ticketfly

    Be 'Fly, see a Ticketfly ticketed show here! See what shows are coming up at Crescent Ballroom on
  • Phoenix New Times

    The most recent addition to the cocktail list is the New Old Fashioned, which is a mix of Jim Beam's Devil's Cut bourbon, simple syrup, and water muddled with strawberries, oranges, bitters, and mint.
  • S M

    Order anything with juice because it's freshly squeezed juice!!!
  • Jill Murphy

    The best venue in phx yet and solves my weeknight problem. How do u go home, change, eat and make it in time for the opening band. Restaurant on site.
  • Jason M.

    What an incredible venue for live meusic! Not a bad seat in the room
  • Sunny Lee

    Check Facebook for specials... Got a mini bean and cheese burrito for $3 at lunch. Yummy! If you can't drink alcohol order a ginger beer and pretend!
  • Jessica

    Mention New Times when ordering during Wednesday lunch to get 20% off your bill - it's part of their 80s Wednesdays promotion running July-August 2012.
  • Angie Ippolito

    good shows and burro's!
  • Cheearra Esquerra

    They have only two unisex restrooms. One in the Lounge and one in the Ballroom. Clearly, the design isn't practical for a music venue...
  • Myke Butt0nz

    Get the nachos!
  • Ticketfly

    Be Fly, see a Ticketfly ticketed show here! See what shows are coming up at The Crescent Ballroom on
  • Stephanie Romero

    Nachos are delicious!
  • Melissa Dunmore

    Rock Lottery with Henri!
  • Montserrat Arredondo Duran

    Honey badger a must!!!
  • Shayna Diamond

    Seating the the side of the stage is great if you don't have someone standing right in front of you.
  • Nicki Escudero

    See a show here! This is one of the best live music venues in the Valley!